Monday, May 17, 2010

What's At Pulau Jong Today?.....

Another intertidal trip this morning. This time to Pulau Jong which I have not visited for more than a year.

And here are what we saw;

Flatworms! The blue margin one is common. First time seeing the orange marine one for me!

Looks like a False Scorpionfish.

A few black Sea Cucumber can be seen.

A Giant Reef Worm. It was biting off bits and pieces of seaweeds near the hole.

Today's trip was also help ML find Giant Clams and we found two!

Here's one of them! This one has soft corals growing on one side of its shell. Hmmmm.....wonder if the soft corals will eventually cover the clam or if the clam has any way to deal with it?

Found this tiny Sea Star on some seaweeds. Wonder what kind of Sea Star is this? Looks familiar.....

Lastly, the Sea Slugs;

An Ornate Leaf Slug (Elysia ornata).

Top-down : Polka-dot Nudibranch (Jorunna funebris), Tiny Armina nudibranch (Dermatobranchus sp.) and a Yellow spotted Gymnodoris nudibranch (Gymnodoris sp.).


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