Friday, April 30, 2010

Bunnies Everywhere @ Changi Shore.....

Saw lots and lots of "bunnies" at Changi shore this morning! Bunnies on the shore?!?! Haha.....the "bunnies" are actually Sea Hares! Yah.....they were everywhere on the shore! There are probably three different kinds.

This is a Geographic Sea Hare (Syphonota geographica). They are the most abundance.

Came across some Extraordinary Sea Hare (Aplysia extraordinaria).

And some of these that I have no idea of their ID. Could it be Aplysia oculifera?

Could this be another species? Looks somehow different from the above three. Hmmmm.....

Besides Sea Hares, other creatures were encountered too.

Lots of Flowery Sea Pens! White, Red, Yellow etc.

Can you see the tiny shrimp next to this Slender Sea Pen?

Observed at least 2 Elbow Crabs doing this. They placed themselves pretty close to the Peacock Anemone. Hmmmm.....

A elegant looking Glass Anemone.

Sea Stars! Top one is probably a juvenile Cake Sea Star, middle could be a Spiny Sea Star and bottom one is a Biscuit Sea Star.

Came across two kinds of Sea Urchin. The White Sea Urchin and the Black Sea Urchin.

A live Turrid Snail.

Saw some Longspined scorpionfish.

No Seahorse today but saw its cousin, the Pipefish.

Unfortunately, a part of the shore was littered with dead fishes. These don't look like farm fish, so guess they might be the ones that were thrown away by fishermen.

For the crabs, the dead fishes would be a feast.

Opps! This pretty little Swimming crab did not look very happy when I took a pic of it while it was feeding. :p Hmmm.....wonder what it was feeding on?

Talking about crab, found this on the sandy shore and wonder what kind of crab has such pincer?

Saw a Octopus. Looks like it was using some shells to act as a door to its hiding hole. Sigh.....was told by Ria that a man on the shore had 3 Octopus in his plastic bag. When asked what he is going to do with them, he said that he is going to use them as fish baits!!! Sigh....I hope this one survives.

At the rocky shore, a lots of the Crown Sea Star/Rock Star were found on the rocks. Usually, they are found underneath the rocks. Hmmmm.....

Found this Hoof-shield limpet on the rock too.


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