Thursday, April 29, 2010

This Morning At Pasir Ris Shore.....

Were out at Pasir Ris shore this morning. It was a short tide but still we get to see quite a few creatures on the shore.

It's still the Jellyfish season.

There were a number of the Ribbon Jellyfish stranded on the shore. Being a victim of one who got stung by them while diving, I know how painful these guys can be. Ouch! So do not touch them!

A few worms were out of the muddy substrate. Here's one with threadlike tentacles at one end.

Anemones of various sizes can be seen on this shore.

So are the colorful Peacock Anemones.

Found a Seahorse near the edge of the water.

A part of the shore is littered with Sand Stars.

The other "star" seen was this Brittle Star.

Also came across this small white Sea Cucumber.

Some egg ribbons were seen on Spoon seagrass and on Seaweeds. Probably belong to some snails or Sea Slugs.

And talking about Snails and Sea Slugs, came across some this morning.

A Tiger Moon snail burrowing.

Saw about four Hairy Seahares. Probably back in season.

Saw these tiny black Gymnodoris nudibranch (Gymnodoris sp.) again at this shore.

Have not seen this nudibranch for a long time. It's Glandular Chromodoris nudibranch (Chromodoris tumulifera). So Cuteee!

It is "saying" :p

For other stuffs that were seen on this shore by Ria, click Here and Here.


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