Saturday, May 15, 2010

St John's Island With New Sightings!.....

We were at St John's Island for a intertidal trip this morning.

The Hairy Green Seaweeds (Bryopsis sp.) are in bloom! And you can see lots of creatures on them!

Lots of shrimps! I love their eyes! So cute!

This may look like a piece of scum on the seaweeds, but it is actually a Spider Crab!

There were lots of tiny tiny Skeleton shrimps too. Trying very hard to get a pic of them.

Among the seaweeds, there was a very lonnnng Ribbon Worm.

One will find Ornate Leaf Slug (Elysia ornata) too.

Also came across this other Leaf Slug. No idea of its ID though.

The Bryopsis Slug (could be Placida daguilarensis) covered almost every inch of the Hairy Green seaweeds!

While on another kind of seaweed, possible the Mexican Feathery Green seaweed (Caulerpa mexicana), spotted quite a numbers of these Volvatella slug (Volvatella sp.) These look different from those that I came across at Cyrene and Sekudu. A check on the Sea Slug Forum and Kathe R.Jensen's paper on Sacoglossa (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Opisthobranchia) from Singapore, suggest this could be another species of Volvatella slug. A new sighting for me!

Another new sighting of the day is this Nudibranch that KS found!

At first, I thought it was a juvenile Spotted Foot nudibranch (Discodoris lilacina). But after checking through guidebooks and websites, it looks likely to be another species of the Discodoris nudibranch. The nearer descriptions that matched would be Discodoris mauritiana or Peltodoris murrea.

We saw the Blue Dragon Nudibranch (Pteraeolidia ianthina) and the Polka-dot Nudibranch (Jorunna funebris) too!

Flatworms! Haha.....and a shrimp who wants itself to be in the pic too :p

Lots of these Longspined Scorpionfish were seen.

A Carpet Eel Blenny hiding near a rock.

A pair of Copperbanded Butterflyfish.

This little Octopus was busy hunting.

And after much effort trying to get a decent pic of the Saron Shrimp at Tanah Merah shore, finally got one at St John's today! Thanks James for spotting the shrimp!


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