Sunday, May 16, 2010

Checking Up Pulau Sekudu.....

We checked up Pulau Sekudu intertidal with Nparks Ubin and a few Ubin volunteers this morning.

This small islet just off Chek Jawa, Pulau Ubin, has been listed as a restricted zone as part of Chek Jawa Wetland with effect from October'07. Thus, a permit must be applied from the National Parks Board if you want to land on Pulau Sekudu or to carry any activities in this zone.

We noted that the trash situation has improved since the restricted zone came into effect. Before the restriction, some inconsiderate people leave their trash behind after their activities on this island.

Unfortunately, maybe some fishermen still did not know about the area being restricted, we saw some bubu cages on the shore today.

This one has a BIG Grouper (about 50cm long) and some Stone Crabs in it!

The Grouper was still alive and we managed to release the fish in deeper water. Hope it survives!

Anyway, here are some of the stuffs that we saw today at Sekudu.

Quite a few Flowery Sea Pen.

Some unknown Anemones.

This jellyfish's season seen to be at its end.....we did not see that many around as compared to last two months.

Toadfish are quite common on Sekudu.

A Mantis Shrimp was seen among the seaweeds.

Pretty Flatworms! I like the orange one!

The white Sea Urchin is in season!

Spotted this Heart Urchin. The above is the top and underside pics of it. Doesn't look healthy to me.....dying?

We managed to see this pinkish Sand Dollar again! So far, it has been sighted here and once at Changi as far as we know.

Sekudu is one of the shores to see a variety of Sea Stars. From top-down; a Painted Sand Star, a Biscuit Sea Star, a juvenile Cake Sea Star (likely), a bright orange Rock/Crown Sea Star and a CUTEEEEE baby Knobbly Sea Star!!!

On the Broad Feathery Green Seaweed, spotted a few of the Volvatella slug (Volvatella vigourouxi). Here in the pic, you see a small one on a bigger one. Apparently, the small one is said to be a dwarf male and probably mating with with the bigger one which has both male and female reproduction organs. Read here for more info about this relationship/behaviour.

Whereas on some Sea Lettuce,

Spotted this transparent with yellow dots nudibranch. Probably a Gymnodoris citrina.

and also this Sea slug that I have no idea of.

It was tiny. About 1cm.

Here's a close-up of the slug.


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