Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nudibranch Galore @ Beting Bronok.....

Unlike last year's visit to Beting Bronok where I did not come across a single nudibranch, yesterday's trip is rewarding for me who is crazy over Sea Slugs! :p Came across about seven different nudibranch and with a new sighting for me! :o)

Saw this Aeolid nudibranch often on our northern shores. Looks like a Cratena sp.

Another Aeolid nudibranch which could be a Flabellina sp. was found by KS and James. Had seen this nudibranch here two years ago.

A Cuthona Nudibranch (Cuthona sibogae) spotted by IK.

Found this nudibranch, which looks like a Notobryon wardi. This is my 2nd time seeing it on a intertidal trip. The 1st time was many many years ago at Big Sisters!

Looks like a Rose nudibranch (Dendrodoris fumata).

ML found this nudibranch! Looks similar to the one that KS found at St John. So it could be Discodoris mauritiana or Peltodoris murrea.

And the new sighting for me is this tiny tiny Doto nudibranch (Doto sp.)! Had a hard time taking a picture of it, as the Hydroid that it was on, kept moving about in the water.

Besides nudibranch, Beting Bronok has other wonderful creatures to discover too!

A Bailer snail that we saw when we just landed on the shore!

A tiny little Squid! Can you see it?

A small Octopus!


An Estuarine Moray Eel?

Poor Grouper got stranded!

Different kinds of Sea Star!

Different kinds of Urchin too!

This is not a Jellyfish but the feeding parts of a Sea Cucumber!

And here's a stranded Jellyfish!

Lots of Sea Pen lying around! And most of them have commensal Porcelain crabs!

A delicate Glass Anemone!

And a beautiful sunrise to end the trip!


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