Friday, April 22, 2011

No Frog But Stars, Slugs And Others @ Pulau Sekudu.....

On Wednesday, we were out checking the intertidal at Pulau Sekudu. Joining us were staff and volunteer from Nparks Ubin.

This small islet just off Chek Jawa, Pulau Ubin, has been listed as a restricted zone as part of Chek Jawa Wetland with effect from October'07. Thus, a permit must be applied from the National Parks Board if you want to land on Pulau Sekudu or to carry any activities in this zone.

Pulau Sekudu mean Frog Island in Malay. But there's no frog to see (except a rock that looks like one) on the island. Instead, it offers wonderful marine creatures for us to discover!

And here are some that we came across:

Found this tiny Seastar that I have no idea of its ID. Could it be a juvenile Cake Seastar?

A variety of Seastars! From top: Cake Seastar?, Biscuit Seastar, Scaly Seastar, Painted Sandstar and Crown Seastar!


Sea Urchin of various sizes!

Pencil Urchin!

The pink Sand Dollars are still there!

Among some Caulerpa seaweeds, you can sometimes find the Volvatella Slug (Volvatella vigourouxi).

The Ornate Leaf Slug (Elysia Ornata) is in season.

A Geographic Sea Hare.

Looks like a Spotted Foot nudibranch (Discodoris lilacina).

This could be a juvenile Rose nudibranch (Dendrodoris fumata). It is said that it will turn black when it reaches adult stage.

Found two Black Prickly nudibranch (Atagema intecta) near a big boulder. And here's one of them with some Skeleton Shrimps crawling all over its "back".

ML spotted this which looks like a Inorate Gymnodoris nudibranch (Gymnodoris inorata).

A new sighting of nudibranch for me is this tiny white one about 1cm. It could be a Jorunna sp.

A Cowrie.

A stranded Octopus.

The only Flatworm that I seen.

A fast moving Scale Worm.

Some sort of Spider Crab?

A Pipefish.

Came across this stranded Eel-like fish.

What better way to end a good trip than a beautiful sunrise?


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