Sunday, November 07, 2010

Terumbu Buran Finally!.....

After years of passing by this patch reef (located just off Sentosa Cove) on our several trips to the southern islands of Singapore, we finally had a chance to check it out yesterday!

We took sometimes to find a safe spot to anchor as the waters around the reef were with tempestuous currents!

Look at the currents! Yikes!

But thanks to our reliable skipper, Jumari, we managed to land on the reef safely!

We landed quite a distance from the rocks as the reef flat is large and the water is too shallow for the dingy to maneuver though the reef. We had to track carefully among the sargassum seaweeds in order not to step on any *ass*. Opps, I meant *Ssss*, which are Stonefish and Stingray! :p

As the tide was not low enough for us to check out the reef flat, we mainly checked out the rocky shore.

The rocks are full of life! From Barnacles, Limpets to Drills.

Many Sea Slaters too!

Tiny crabs hide among the rock crevices.

And in the tidepools,

Hard and soft corals.

Patches of an unknown Anemone!

Black Sea Cucumbers.

School of tiny fishes!

A shy Anemonefish!

Shrimps with yellow banded legs!

And found a tiny tiny Sea slug (about 4mm) among a patch of Bryopsis seaweeds. A new sighting for me! Ohhhh.....and look at those tiny little eyes! :p It's probably a "cylindrical form" Halimeda slug (Elysiella pusilla). The ones that Ria had seen would be the 'typical' flattened form of this Halimeda slug.

And all too soon we have to leave the reef.....hope we could have a chance to come back at a much lower tide to check out the reef flat!


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