Monday, July 26, 2010

Careful Where You Put Your Next Step.....

or you will be stepping on what you think is a rock but turned out to be.....

A Stonefish!!!!

Saw it at Pulau Hantu yesterday when we were out there checking the bleaching situation. This fish was lying motionlessly next to some brown seaweeds and it just looks like a piece of rock with all the silt and Ascidians on it!

So remember to check out what is in front of you before you proceed and try not to step on any rock/rubbles if possible. Phew!

Other than this scary encounter, we saw couple of stuffs too!

But first, how's the bleaching situation? Well according to the rest who had been here last month, the condition of the corals seen to have improved.

But some corals are still fighting the "war".....

Hope they can win the "war" and survive!

Big Anemones like the Magnificent Anemone and the Giant Carpet Anemone are in their healthy colours!

And in some Giant Carpet Anemones, hide the camera shy False-clown Anemonefish!

Near the mouth of the lagoon, spotted this elegant Featherstar/Crinoid.

A long Ribbon worm. The stripes on its body reminds me of pyjamas. :p

Lots of Octopus sightings on the reef. Most of them are busying hunting about.

A grumpy looking Mosaic Reef Crab guarded its breakfast tightly as if fearing that we would steal the clam away.

As the tide turns, we slowly made our way back to the high shore. Along the way, we checked out the Burrowing Giant Clam that ML had tagged.

It is still doing pretty well!

Spotted this Black prickly Nudibranch (Atagema intecta) on a brown sponge.

Haha.....and also the cute tiny Strawberry Sea Slug (Costasiella sp.) on the solitary Fan green seaweeds (Avrainvillea sp.).

A Ghost Crab burrowed into the sand.

A lots of these dull looking Anemone can be found on the high sandy shore.

All too soon, the sun rises and we called it a day!


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