Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Checking Out Changi Shore....

We checked out a part of Changi shores on Monday morning. The shore still look okay weeks after the oil spill hit it. Well.....at least we still see plenty of marine creatures around.....but of course we still have no idea of the long term effect the oil spill had for them.

There were many kinds of Sea Cucumbers on the shore!

Many small Sea Stars too! From Top-dowm : Rock/Crown Sea Star, juvenile Cake Sea Star?, Sand Star, Spiny Sea Star and Biscuit Sea Star.

Saw a tiny Pencil Sea Urchin, a few of the White Sea Urchin and a large patch of the Black Sea Urchin at one part of the shore!

Most of the Peacock Anemone had these Phoronid worms at their base.

The Pipefish are in season!

Found an orange Seahorse in the tidepool!

A Filefish trying to blend into the background.

From far, we thought this looks like a big Sea Pen! Haha.....upon closer inspection, it was actually the tail end of a dead Shark!

Pulled it out and it looks like a Cat Shark. And also looks like it was dead recently.

Ria found a Hermit Crab that I have so far seen on Beting Bronok. An expert had kindly id it as a Paguristes sp.

The Geographic Sea Hare is still in season.

Lastly, spotted 3 of this tiny nudibranch on some brown seaweeds! Could be a Cratena sp. !


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