Saturday, June 26, 2010

First Predawn Trip To Cyrene Reef!.....

All our previous trips to our favourite submerged reef, Cyrene reef, were done during daylight. So we are glad that our skipper agreed to bring us there in the dark! And hopefully to see some marine creatures that are more active at night which we missed out during day trips!

So this morning, we made our first predawn trip to Cyrene reef! It was a bit tricky to find the landing spot at first. But all went well with our experienced skipper and we managed to land safely!

Cyrene reef lies in the middle of the "Industrial Triangle" . Surrounded by Pasir Panjang Container Terminal, Jurong Island and Pulau Bukom.

With all the light pollutions coming from the nearby industrial structures, it is difficult to see stars in the sky.....but that does not prevent us from seeing the stars in the sea! Sea Stars that is :p

Cyrene reef is one of the few reefs in Singapore where you can see a large population of Knobbly Sea Stars! These sea stars are listed as 'Endangered' on the Red List of threatened animals of Singapore. So it is delightful to see both adults and juveniles! And the seagrass meadow of Cyrene reef provide a good nursery ground for these Sea Stars!

Also came across this strange looking Sea Star! Looks like hybrid between the Knobbly Sea Star and the Pentaceraster Sea Star.

Saw a few Sandfish Sea Cucumbers.

Only sighted one Synaptid Sea Cucumber today.

And only one White Sea Urchin too!

Fish that I have no idea of its ID. :p

Pretty Flatworms were seen among the seagrass! First time seeing the orange one in Cyrene for me! Have only seen it at Pulau Sekudu before.

Colourful Peacock Anemones!

Sighted a bleaching Snaky Sea Anemone. While KS saw a bluish one.

There was a Anemone Shrimp on it!

Coral bleaching still on going on Cyrene.

And some soft corals are dying.

Two of the most poisonous crabs in Singapore! The Red Egg Crab (Top) and the Mosaic Reef Crab (bottom). Cooking does not destroy the toxins they contained!

An Octopus was busy hunting around.

A small snail found among the seagrass. No idea of its ID. Anyone would like to shed some lights?

Geraldine found this large Spotted foot nudibranch (Discodoris lilacina) among the seagrass. It may sometimes confused with a similar looking nudibranch, Sebadoris nubilosa with its topside. However, the underside of the S.nubilosa mantle is translucent white with a distinct submarginal dark-brown band and between the band and the body are scattered large brown spots. While in D.lilacina, no submarginal dark-brown band on its underside.

A Polka-dot nudibranch (Jorunna funebris).

Lastly a Starry mouthed/Voodoo doll nudibranch (Bornella stellifer).

If you like to find out more about Cyrene Reef, visit the "Cyrene Reef Exposed" blog!

And if you are in Facebook, join the "Cyrene Reef Exposed" Facebook group!


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