Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last Dive For Year 2010 @ Pulau Hantu.....

Yes, I was back underwater on Sunday after finishing the reef survey for the year at Kusu Island the day before. This time round for leisure dives with The Hantu Bloggers at Pulau Hantu! We did our two dives at the South Jetty and the visibility was a comfortable 3m.

I also tried out a DIY reflector (thanks to a flickr's contact on this trick) with my camera. Verdict is that I can now get closer to the subject in macro mode without having pics that turned out in total darkness due to the shadow cast by the big port of the housing when I use flash! Yeah! :o)

Anyway, here are the creatures that we saw;

The resident Tiger-tailed Seahorse!

CT pointed out this Winged Pipefish on a pillar.

Also managed to see two of the other Pipefish, think they could be Ocellate Pipefish.

Not many Flatworm sighted compared to North Jetty the day before. This is the only one that I came across.

Colourful Crinoids/Featherstars! Big and small!

Allied Cowrie on Sea Fan.

Many of these tiny tiny orange snail around.

The nudibranch have been reproducing! Here's one egg ribbon!

And here's another one in the laying process.....

.....by a nudibranch that I have no idea of and first sighting of it for me!

A closer look at it. My guess is that it could be another Hypselodoris nudibranch (Hypselodoris sp.) from the shape of its gills. Anyone would like to shed some lights?

Found two of these Chromodoris nudibranch (Chromodoris sp.). Second time seeing them in our water for me. The first time was almost three years ago during Hantu's Blogger's 4th Anniversary dive!

A closer look!

And on the same piece of rubble with the two Chromodoris nudibranch is this which looks like a Bolland's Hypselodoris nudibranch (Hypselodoris cf. bollandi). It was about 5mm big!

And another tiny nudibranch is this Savigny's Goniodoridiella nudibranch (Goniodoridella savignyi) which I saw the day before too!

There were quite a number of these Dermatobranchus nudibranch (Dermatobranchus sp.) out on the reef!

And on the Giant Hydroids, couple of Doto nudibranch (Doto sp.) can be seen too!

And that wrapped up another year of great diving in our waters! Looking forward to more of what our reefs can offer us in 2011!


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