Thursday, April 28, 2011

Clammies @ Terumbu Bemban.....

Last week on Good Friday (which also happened to be Earth Day), we checked out Terumbu Bemban, a submerged reef off Pulau Semakau.

This is my second time to this reef. We were there last year to help ML search for Giant Clams. But we did not see any at that time, as it was a short trip and thus not thoroughly search. So I am glad to come across two Fluted Giant Clams last week! They are pretty near to each other. One is about 35-40cm big while the smaller one is about 25cm big.

Can you see the Giant Clams?

This is the big one in the background of the photo!

And this is the smaller one in the foreground of the photo!

Other than the Giant Clams, am glad to see that the corals are not bleaching like last year!

In addition, came across other marine creatures too!


Blogger Ria Tan said...

Thanks Chay Hoon for these sightings! Many are first entries to the wild fact sheets!

May 04, 2011 6:14 PM  

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