Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Predawn @ Terumbu Pempang Tengah.....

My second time to this submerged reef off Pulau Hantu today. Last time I was here, it was a daylight trip. This time, we landed in the dark of the night at 4am! You can see the lights from the refinery on Pulau Bukom.

And here are some finds that we came across:

A Snake Eel that was out in the open.

Next to the blade of a seagrass is this what looks like a Variable Fang-blenny.

Cute little Yellow-banded Damselfish!

There were lots of Toadfish around.

So were these Longspined Scorpionfish.

A Copper-banded Butterflyfish.

Varieties of Anemone!

The only Flatworm that I came across.

A Spoon Pincer Crab (Top) and a small crab that I am not sure of its ID.

Found this tiny green Shrimp among a patch of Seagrass and Seaweed.

Common Seastar and Sand Dollar on the sandbar.

A juvenile Noble Volute in one of the tidepool.

A Bryopsis Slug (Placida daguilarensis) that had gone for a swim away from the Bryosis seaweed!:p

KS showed me this nudibranch. Looks like a Black Dendrodoris nudibranch (Dendrodoris nigra).

Highlight of the trip for me is this tiny nudibranch (about 1cm) that was found on the Smooth sponge green seaweed! A new nudibranch sighting for me! Its mantle is sponge-like and I have no idea of its ID! My guess is that it could be from the Discodorididae family. Hmmmm.....could it be feeding on the sponge cells and spicules that are intertwined with the algae?


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Great sightings as usual! Thanks for sharing!

May 29, 2011 9:51 PM  

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