Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back To This Part Of Changi Shore.....

after a long time this morning! More than a year!

The first thing we saw are the colourful and beautiful Sea Fans (okay, plus the nasty looking Stinging Hydroids :op)!

And they seen to be doing pretty well!

A little Hermit Crab perched on a Sea Fan.

Was checking the Stinging Hydroid for commensals and found this thingy on it. Could this be a Lomanotus sp. nudibranch that can be found on such Hydroid? This is the best pic I have as the Hydroid was swaying about and of course, I would not want to touch and hold the Hydroid to keep it still! :op

Found a pair of these nudibranch (possible Cratena sp.)!

and later on branches of a Candy Hydroid, spotted another pair!

Lots of this Flatworm around.

A few Fanworm can be seen in the water.

Came across two of these Spider Crab.

A mama Stone/Thunder Crab hiding in a crevice.

While this little Filefish was hiding among the purple sponges.

The only Sea Urchin that I saw today.

Plenty of Crown/Rock Sea Star can be seen. One with six arms and some as small as my fingers.

The other "Star" sightings are this Spiny Sea Star.....

and this Featherstar/Crinoid.

Saw only one Synaptid Sea Cucumber.

Lastly, a buried Sea Cucumber with its feeding tentacles out grabbing tiny food in the water.


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