Thursday, May 22, 2008

Manchester United Are Champions Of Europe!!!.....

What a night! What a dramatic match! What a roller-coaster ride it was!

Third European Cup!!!!! Definitely sweeter than 1999!!!!

I am just So HAPPY!!!! :o)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Gone With The Waves.....

How does one lose camera and its underwater housing?

When it decides to suicide (Flooding) and say forever goodbye to you?

Unlike its predecessor, mine did not do that today. It decided to un-clip itself and leave me instead. To wander the vast sea.

Yes, I lOST my camera in its underwater housing at Pulau Hantu today!!!! :o(

I was helping with the tape laying and when we finished, I realised that my camera has gone missing from my right hand. Usually, I will hang two clips directly to a string on my right hand glove. But today I forgot to do that. Instead, I hung the two clips to a clip clipping from the string. So I guessed it was the single clip that came loose from the string. As the housing is bouyant, I searched the surface but probably it had floated away with the currents.

Sigh....I think it destined to happen. Why???.....Because yesterday I surf the internet looking at new camera and just before we jump into the water, I was telling JH and the rests that I might be changing a camera or wait till it decides to suicide.

Probably it got upset and decided to leave me lor.

But I hope it got trapped in crevices when it floated lah and someone find it when diving at Hantu (but not very high chance cos I hang the camera away from the reef). So if you happen to find a Canon Powershot A540 with pink sponge-like thingy in it housing, please let me know!?!?

And guess what? HB found a camera with housing at the end of the second dive! But it is not a Canon but an Olympus. Pulau Hantu becoming a site to lose camera in? I really need to get a new camera and housing. And hope to get them before Jun 13 cos planning a trip to Dayang.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Melibe With Its Expandable Hood.....

We found the Melibe nudibranch @ Cyrene again! Three sightings in fact! Here's one that we came across;

and a video showing how it uses its expandable hood for catching foods like crabs and shrimps!

And other creatures seen on this trip at my Flickr a/c.