Monday, June 05, 2006

Pulau Tioman And A "Dead" Camera.....

Back from my dive trip to Pulau Tioman. Like my previous trip there, I spent the whole day on the boat as the dive sites are far away from the resort. Also on this trip, I met Gina who is my dive guide again (She was my dive guide at Pulau Hantu for the Reef Friends X'plore trial dive). A lot of fishes to see on this trip but where are all the Sea slugs? So far I managed to see more Sea slugs at Pulau Hantu than in Malaysia.

Brought my camera along in the end. But I had only a chance to use it in my second dive before its LCD screen started to have some problems and become a BLACK blank screen. What's worst is that after I surfaced, I noticed moisture inside the housing!!! Arghhhhhh..... :o(

Sent the camera to the service centre and will only be back after a week. This mean that I cannot take any pics at Pulau Hantu this weekend. But I will bring the housing to do a test dive to see if there is any problem with it.

Anyway, these are some of the stuffs that I took. Anemonefishes, Corals, Seastar(with one big long arm only), Scorpionfish(Can you find it in the pic?), blenny(this cute creature was so difficult to take), cowrie and underwater scene.


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