Monday, May 22, 2006

Dugong Sighted!.....

But not by me. :OP

Actually, heard the news of dugong being sighted at Pulau Ubin from one of the Nparks officers when I was there for Chek Jawa guiding on Saturday.

One of the constructors doing boardwalk construction last week at House No 1, saw the dugong in the water between the house's old jetty and Pulau Sekudu. He thought that it was a crocodile at first.

What a piece of good news! :O) Just hope that it will make Chek Jawa one of its feeding ground as there's a patch of Seagrass (Dugong's main food). Looking forward to hear about more sightings.

For more information on dugong, go to this site at Wildsingapore.


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