Friday, April 21, 2006

ADEX Tomorrow.....

Yeah! ADEX (Asia Dive Expo) finally here.

Will be at Suntec tomorrow and Sunday to check out some dive gears and books. Will be looking for an octopus (alternate air-source) and a console to complete my regulator set. Still thinking about whether to get the BCD cause I am too lazy to wash it. :OP

Also, Wildfilms will be showing video clips of Singapore shores tomorrow. Hopefully it will surprise the divers that we have these wonderful stuffs in our own backyard.

I just felt very sad when mention about diving in our water, the first reaction from some divers is that there's nothing to see. Just like last night, I was at this underwater photography seminar, sitting next to a bunch of youngsters and I overhead their conversations going like this;

A : Confirmed with the dive centre the course is at Redang.
B : You sure it is Redang?
A : Yah.
B : So long it is not Hantu. There's nothing to see in that kind of water.

What's wrong with Hantu? You can't see it doesn't mean there's nothing there!Sigh.....Hopefully we can change some mindset about diving at Pulau Hantu or other Singapore dive sites with what we are going to showcase.


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