Friday, April 07, 2006

A Big Aquarium Coming Soon?.....

I know I am a bit late to post this piece of "news". But anyway, here's
News on First step to create marine sanctuary on Pulau Hantu from Wildsingapore website

My first reaction was "Do they know what they were talking about?" and also lots of questions arise as I read on. This project to me looks absurd in term of conservation our natural habitat but realistic in term of creating a big man-made aquarium.

But I the only one thinking this way about this project? So I posted my opinions on FINS Forum to find out what fellows divers think about this project. But so far, somehow, not many divers seen like to comment on it while some say that they are waiting for the relevant parties to provide further details before they give their two cents.

Anyway, besides FINS Forum, you may also like to take a look at others comments on:

A) BWV's Klog
B) Clubsnap's UW Forum
C) Yahoo! Group Nature in Singapore


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