Monday, April 10, 2006

Back From Dayang With No "Souvenir", Sort Of.....

Back from my diving trip to Pulau Dayang. It was an enjoyable trip with great vis and only slight currents. Therefore, I don't have any "souvenirs" like cuts and scratches this time round....well....sort of....for I do have very itchy rashes on my arms and legs from something that stung me in the water.

Surprisingly, Dayang was not that crowded with divers as it should be this weekend. Maybe most of them will be there on the long weekend that is coming up.

Brought along my camera to take photos. However, I still have problems with the focusing when taking marco shots. Thus, most of them are out of focus.:OP For night dive, I didn't bring my camera down. And damn!....I missed the the shot of a Great Barracuda and a rare sighting of a Sea Cucumber releasing its sperms!

Anyway, here's some of the photos from my day divings:

Sea Stars of various kinds


Sea Slugs & Nudibranchs

Christmas Tree Worms & Flatworm

Soft Coral

Dayang Jetty and Pulau Lang (Notice that the sky looks grey? We have a passing shower on Sunday morning and a beautiful rainbow after that)

And of course, I did not forget about my friend's birthday and did tried to "stop" this Batfish to wish him a happy birthday. And this is what the Batfish said:



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