Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I Shall Wait For You…..

to come out again, Mr/Ms Mantis Shrimp…..

And true enough, patience paid off and here’s he/she peeking out of his/her hole!

More of the Mantis Shrimp and a video of it.
We were diving at the smaller western patch reef at Pulau Hantu with the The Hantu Bloggers last Sunday afternoon. My second time diving at this site and this time round, I get to go one round around the patch reef! Though visibility was still poor at about 1-1.5m, there were still lots of critters around! We then proceed to the bigger patch reef for our second dive.

Lots of nudibranch! From top-down: an unknown Aeolid nudibranch, Blue Dragon nudibranch(Pteraeolidia ianthina), Chinese Goniobranchus nudibranch(Goniobranchus sinensis), Black-margined nudibranch(Doriprismatica atromarginata), Striate Chromodoris nudibranch(Chromodoris striatella), Doto nudibranch(Doto sp.), Bullock's Hypselodoris nudibranch(Hypselodoris bullockii), probably a Verrier's Goniobranchus nudibranch(Goniobranchus verrieri), and Savigny's Goniodoridiella nudibranch(Goniodoridiella savignyi).

Many Flatworms too!

There's also Acoel Flatworm on some hard corals too.

Commensals like Allied Cowries, Shrimp, and Brittle Star can be found on Soft Corals, Sea Fans and Crinoids!

Sometimes, we can come across Spider Crab and Red Egg Crab.

Managed to find a Tiger-tail Seahorse toward the end of the 1st dive! This is the only decent shot that I managed to get before it swam into a crevice.

Glad to know that the Saddleback Anemonefishes are still at their usual site. Of course together with their shrimpy "housemates".


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