Saturday, July 28, 2012

Reef Survey @ Pulau Hantu That Almost Did Not Happen.....

Last Sunday, BWV ReefFriends scheduled a reef survey at Pulau Hantu. When we arrived at the Marina, we were told that there was no booking of the boat! Opps! Turned out that there was a miscommunications. Fortunately, we managed to get hold of the Skipper and left the Marina one and a half hours late.
Even though we started late, we still managed to finish the survey on time! As usual, I was doing the benthic survey recording at the deeper end. All were well until I came to the recording at the end of tape 5. You see, I was supposed to record 5 transect tapes only, but in front of me, there was a 6th! I was wondering if I have counted wrongly when I move from tape to tape. But after double checking, I was pretty sure that I counted correctly! Indeed, it turned out that the tape laying team has accidentaly laid a 6th line.....Phew!
Anyway, here are some stuff that we came across during the survey as well as the 2nd dive at the seabed!

All sort of Hard corals! Sadly, some of them are bleaching.....


A Pimply Phyllid nudibranch (Phyllidiella pustulosa).

A Blue Dragon nudibranch (Pteraeodia ianthina).

An unknown Doto nudibranch (Doto sp.) on the yellow Hydroid with egg ribbons!

A Black-lipped Conch was 'hopping' around on the seabed.

A long-spined black Sea Urchin! 

 An Icon Sea Star!

Crinoid/Featherstar! And on one of them, we came cross.....

a Squat Lobster! An angry one it seen. :p

Another angry creature is this little False Clown Anemonefish found among the tentacles of a Bubble tip Anemone!

And lastly, MS found two Sawtooth Shrimps on two different kinds of Sea Whip!


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