Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Pre-Dawn Trips Begin.....

Over the long weekends, Wildfilms started the pre-dawn trips for this season of shootings. Yes, that means that I will be going out to our shores at unearthly hours and have my sleeping routine upset again for at least the next four months.

On Saturday, we were at Pulau Sekudu. Managed to see quite a lot of stuffs. Lots of urchins, brittle stars, sea slugs, nudibranchs and a rarely seen sea star.

Nudibranch : chromodoris sp

Sea Star : luidia maculata

It has eight arms, canivorous and eats its cousins like urchins, sea cucumbers and sea stars.

On Sunday, we were supposed to go to Beting Bronok. But we ended up at Pulau Sekudu again. Why?.....Because when the boat broke down not one but twice on the way to BB, we decided that it was not worth the risks if it broke down again and ended up drifting in the straits. We might become illegal immigrants if we drifted into Malaysia's water or have soldiers looking for us if we drifted onto our restricted island nearby.

Anyway, we decided that Pulau Sekudu would be a safer choice and there you are, we were back there again. And it was definitely a good decision for we saw a lot of spectacular stuffs like different kinds of sea stars (we encountered the luidia maculata again), nudibranchs (chromodoris sp, gymnodoris sp and jorunna funebris) and a first sighting of this sea slug for me which was found among the seaweeds.

philinopsis pilsbryi

And of course, pre-dawn trips to Pulau Sekudu mean that you would get to see beautiful sunrise like this. Look at the COLOURS! Isn't it beautiful?

On Labour Day, we were at Labrador rocky shore. Were very glad that the seahorses are still there and so is the rare cowrie. Managed to find a nudibranch (armina sp) and a sea slug that look exactly like the seagrapes. According to the Sea Slug Forum, it could be a Stiliger smaragdinus.

The last trip for this round ended today at CFT. I can't make it due to work. Was given the suggestion to report sick so that I can go. But Alvin said that I won't succeed in faking sick because I am Chinese (you go figure out the reason behind this saying). Ouch!

Next round of trips is in two weeks time. All weekdays. That mean taking half-day leaves from work. But I might need to travel on that week so I might not be able to make it at all. :O(


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