Sunday, January 29, 2006

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!.....

May The New Year Bring You Great Fortune.
Happy Lunar New Year!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

In Need Of Midfielders.....

Man Utd is suffering from midfield CRISIS. :O(

First they lost Paul Scholes to an eye problem, Park Ji-Sung to a knee injury, then John O'Shea to ribs injury and now Ryan Giggs to hamstring. Who’s next?

Christiano Ronaldo is suspended and Alan Smith is half fit. And I will keep shaking my head with the sight of Darren Fletcher and Kieran Richardson playing.

Got to get GOOD DEFENSIVE midfielders before the 31st deadline or else.....???

Monday, January 16, 2006

Sunny Days At Last?.....

The Sun finally revealed its face over the weekends after a week of downpours. :O)

I was so worried that I am going to miss my guiding and intertidal trip with all these rains.

Anyway, with the sunny weather again, went for my first Chek Jawa guiding for this year on Saturday. Managed to see quite a number of stuffs such as Biscuit Sea Star, a big Brittle star and Horseshoe crab. And guess what? I bumped into my Open Water dive buddy during the guided walk. I was bringing my group to the coral rubble when someone called out to me and asked if I remember him. I was happy to see him again but because I was guiding, I did not catch up with him much.(Mmmmm...wondering if it was all the talking about Chek Jawa to him during our course that made him come to visit CJ?) :O)

Unfortunately, the day did not end happily for me as Man Utd LOST 3-1 and to Man City some more! :O( (Alex, the team needs a GOOD defensive midfielder and Darren Fletcher is not the answer.)

The next day was Wildfilms trip to Sentosa. Initial plan was to Pulau Hantu but due to the low signup of crews, we decided to switch to Sentosa. We had a small drizzle at first but the sky eventually cleared up. It was a sea slug day for us where we got nudibranchs in term of phidiana militaris, jorunna funebris, discodoris boholensis, gymnodoris sp and armina sp. There were also lots and lots of other leaf slugs on the seaweeds. And I did not bring my camera!!! Too bad then.

Just hope that the sunny weather will continue. Next trip will be to one of my favourite islands, Pulau Sekudu on Chinese New Year day. :o)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

All Things Big & Small On Pulau Ubin.....

This little white dove can be seen strolling at the jetty sometimes.

Look carefully and you will find lots of insects on trees and plants. Here are some bugs and black ants.

This is how I look when I was still a baby and see how I turned out to be a giant. An Atlas Moth is who I am.

A spider with its lunch.

A villager fishing.

Not forgetting the wonderful trees, mangroves and flowers too.

Ending the day with a view from the jetty.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Not So Good.....

Just received a piece of not so good news from my boss.

May need to do the Malaysia's subsidary accounts if he decided to shift it to Singapore due to the resignation of the Accountant over there.

Urghhhhh....MORE WORKS! :O/

Monday, January 02, 2006

Somewhere Over The Rainbow.....

It was just half an hour into our filming at Big Sisters island yesterday when a storm started to approach. But before the sky above us turn grey, we saw this...

A beautiful rainbow! :O)