Friday, May 13, 2005

Flora & Fauna of Pulau Ubin.....

The wonderful lives found in Ubin.....

These flowers are found in the Sensory Trail. Don't know the ID for the yellow one. But the purple & green(on the right) is called Moses-In-A-Cradle and the purple & white(on the left) is a Garlic Vine flower.

Along the way...some bugs/insects/reptiles were encountered...

And of course the wonderful scenery on Ubin too!!!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

To Cross Or Not To Cross.......

How many of you out there had this experience of coming to a zebra crossing and as you put your first step out, to have a car zooming pass? Well, I guess there would be many, considering how inconsiderate our drivers are in Singapore.

Just this month alone, I already have 3 cars zooming pass while I was using a zebra crossing. I am on the big size, so there should be no reason that you cannot see me and HELLO! It is daylight (Can't imagine what will happen if it is at night).

Wonder how these driver passed their theory? Ain't you supposing to slow down and stop when you are approaching a zebra crossing?

Say this morning, when I was about to cross the crossing at Simei St 4, there was this gray colour car (plate no : XXX 3xxx J) zooming pass. And why I was so furious about this incident (lucky it did not become an accident)? Well you see, after the previous two incidents, I have become more careful. So I always make it a point to stop at the side of the crossing to indicate my intention to cross the road to the driver. However, this gray car, upon seeing me at the side, did not stop but just drove passed. Can you imagine if it was not me but a kid that run across? He could have been knock down! Then what? Another statistic for someone knocked/killed on the road for he/she was using something meant for a pedestrian?

For god's sake, Drivers, please look when you are driving and stop when you are suppose to. It doesn’t cost you more than half a minute!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

A Brief Summary.......

Yes….I know it has been weeks since my last post. Have been busy with works and other stuffs.

So here will be a summary of what have been going on during those weeks.

First things first, have been busy looking and gathering information about PADI Open Water Diving Course. Yup! I have decided to take up diving. So after a week of reviewing and discussing with my friend, we decided to go ahead to take the course in local water and signed up with 51 Scuba (They are the only one still offer local water dive during the Malaysia dive season)

Now you must be wondering why local water, right? One reason is that my friend had a tight budget and another is that the Vis at Pulau Hantu has improved according to some people who have been diving there for the past few weeks. Also, if you can survive local water, you can survive anywhere. My open water will be on 4th and 5th June. So now all I can do is to hope that the weather will be good for the 2 days (Fingers crossed!!!)

Besides that, most of my times have been spent on Pulau Ubin. Have been taking pictures of flora and fauna (Will post them on later after I have processed them). Also, I have my first weekend guiding at Chek Jawa since March. My group was made up of two families, thus, always a challenge to keep them together. In addition, before the walk even started for my group, I have a little boy who was sick and he vomitted all the way to CJ on the van. Somehow he decided to continue even I have asked his mum to let him stay at the hut. Half way through the walk, he got worse and so had to be taken back to the hut to rest by one of the rangers. Nonetheless, it was a wonderful group as they were always interested to the stuffs that I showed. Highlight of the day was a hairy seahare like the one I saw at St John. It was a training day for guides the next day and the weather was HOT! HOT! HOT! I got sunburn on my face and arms.

In between, I have also gone to Pulau Sekudu (Frog Island). This is a small island found off Southeastern part of Pulau Ubin. I was there with the film crews for our morning shooting. There was much more seaweeds compared to the last time I have visited. Therefore, it was quite difficult to find stuffs among the seaweeds. An unfortunate event that happened was one of our crews got stung by a stingray. But she is okay now after days of swollen foot.

Well…I will be going for my next serie of morning trips to Singapore shores. So I guess it will be sometime that I will post again on the blog. And also have to start reading the diving manual for my upcoming diving course. Ooohhh…can’t wait for it to start. :O)