Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Slow Walk To Kekek Quarry.....

Was out with fellow Semakau guides visiting Kekek Quarry on Pulau Ubin this morning.

Well.....supposed to meet them at 7.30am but I overslept! Gosh.....when I woke up, it was 15mins to the meeting time! Oh no! :Oo

Gave Luan Keng a call and informed her that I will be late and will catch up with them in Ubin then (Right! more late night surfing the internet until 3am for me). :OP

Anyway, I was lucky. I managed to catch up with them only a short distance from Ubin's town area. :O)

The plan was to walk to Kekek Quarry and stop once a while to check up plants and animals along the way. So here's my takes of some fauna and flora that Ubin offered.

First up......the Spiders!

Insects! Bugs and others!!! There's also some Cicada Moults.

Ron spotted some CUTEEEEEE Ladybirds! Here's one. Awwwww....isn't it CUTE?

Lovely flora.....

Along the way, we had a short break at this place.

There's a kitten playing around the house. CUTEEEE!

And we also found out an interesting thing from the owner of this house. He told us that at the Quarry (Ubin Quarry on the map) opposite his house, there's a rock formation that looks like a statue of the Goddess of Mercy (Kuan Yin). does look similar at the head.

Finally, after walking for Three and a half hours, we reached our destination, Kekek Quarry. Look at the scenery!

Beautiful, isn't it? Sadly, such beautiful place will soon be gone. Sigh.....

The tranquility of the Quarry with nature's own music of Straw-headed Bulbul's calls makes one so relax. Just look at Ron and Robert, they were having a dip in the water. Hee.....only their legs lah. :OP

And they were trying to attract the fishy to do a pedicure of fish reflexology with some Simpoh Air flowers. Well.....we wondered whether it's the flowers that are not attracting the fishy or their feet(smelly feet???)....even the red-eared terrapins paddled away when they were within certain circumference of the water where the feet were dipping. :OP

Anyway, it was a good day hanging out with a bunch of nature-loving peoples. Thanks to Luan Keng for organising the trip for the guides.


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