Thursday, April 12, 2007

Such Beauty.....

is yet again to be LOST in the name of economic development needs. Sigh!

The old wound of hers will once again be reopened. It has taken her years to heal the wound that humans had created from blasting and drilling. She had managed to cover the ugly wound scars with green patch of vegetations and this has in turn provided a sanctuary for many wildlife species.

With the reopening, not only her wound is going to get bigger and deeper but also a sanctuary lost for all those animals.

Do the bits and pieces that you are going to get from this old wound really going to help for your shortage? How much are you expecting to get? Are there really no other alternatives?

Time and again, we lost our nature areas to developments. Have we come to a stage that we chase for world-class buildings and infrastructures that we don’t mind having a 3rd world mentality when come to nature conservations?


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