Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Step Faster.....

and I might not be on this earth anymore.
I was almost knock down by a MOTORCYCLE!
The traffic at the junction of Upper Changi Road East and Jalan Tiga Ratus (towards Singapore Expo direction) was heavy as usual (ever since the start of the Changi Business Park). Thus, in order to get to the other side of the road, one has to use the traffic light.
Since I have witnessed many time that cars still dashed across the crossing at this traffic light even it was RED, I always make sure that all cars had stopped before I make my move across. And today, when the light for vehicles was RED, the Green Walking Man lighted up and all cars had stopped, I made my move.
Just as I was about two steps onto the crossing, I felt something knock into my left hand and zoom across me. The impact was loud and hard as I immediately felt the numbness in my left hand. After gaining my composure, I realised that it was a motorcycle that had knock my left hand. I looked towards the direction of the motorcyclist and all he did was stopped, looked and zoom away (Does this consider Hit And Run?). I didn't have a chance to see his number plate.
Now I was left with a numbing left hand and I think I can see a black-green mark starting to form on my fourth finger. Should I consider myself lucky? That it was just my left hand that got knock. With that kind of speed that he was coming, I can't think of the outcome had he knock me down.
Think it's about time that I feedback the traffic situation to the relevant authority (Traffic Police?). For the time being, what I can do is to make sure that the traffic stop for at least a few seconds before I move and look at the direction of the incoming traffic when I cross the road.


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