Monday, February 20, 2006

Splash For Trash.....

This passing weekend was spent cleaning up the beach and sea.

On Saturday, was at Ubin helping with the beach clean up. For more details, see Ubin Volunteers.

The next day was at Pulau Hantu diving for trashes. Signed up a Project AWARE with Seaborne Scuba last week. It was my first time doing cleaning underwater (No picture though as decided not to bring along the camera). We were doing the cleaning at the North Jetty (first time diving there too). The vis that day was GOOD! About 5m.

Each buddy pair was given a mesh bag each and down we went in search of rubbish littered over the reefs. Clearing rubbish underwater was not easy. We have to watch our buoyancy and also make sure that we are not dragging the mesh bag over the reefs, as it gets heavy. We have to make sure that we did not bring up any creatures living in/or growing on the discarded rubbish or take any that had embedded itself with the reefs. I was having a hard time pulling a piece of plastic bag out from that tonnes of slit. At the end of the first dive, we have collected some drink cans and cloths. During the dive, also managed to see a Blue Dragon nudibranch and a palm-size phyllidia varicosa.

Then something happened to me upon my ascend. My buddy said that my nose was bleeding. First thought to her was that I have suffered lung over-expansion (which is not because I am still here typing the blog away). :OP It was actually mucus with blood that still remain in my system from my recent flu. Think I may have blow my nose too hard during equalisation. What a scare!

Have the second dive after a thunderstorm. This time, we did a drift dive towards the jetty. However, the vis was not as good as with the first dive. It was about 2m. But still managed to catch sights of Blue Dragon nudibranchs mating, Cuttlefish, Groupers, Six-banded Angelfish and a school of Silver Moony at the jetty. And no nose bleed upon surfacing. :O)


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