Sunday, February 26, 2006

Chek Jawa With Friends.....

Today was spent guiding my friends around Chek Jawa. As it is the Family Day, guides are allow to bring their family and friends to the place where they do volunteering guiding for the normal public.

I have invited three friends to come along to share with me the wonderful marine lives of Chek Jawa. And Alan finally makes it for this round as his honeymoon trip was postponed.

From L-R: Alan, Grace(Alan's wife) and Ernest(Alan's NS Buddy)

Today weather was great! Cloudy all the way! I guided them around and show them the marine lives on CJ. We saw quite a lot of things like three kinds of Sea Stars(Common, Sand and Knobby), a huge and two tiny Flatworms, Velcro Crab, Sponge Crab, and of course the usual sure can see stuffs like Anemones(Banded Bead, Carpet and Peacock), Sand Dollars, Ball Sea Cucumber and Cowries.

Just hope that they have enjoyed the trip. :O)


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