Sunday, October 02, 2011

Sargassum Nudibranch @ St John's Island!.....

Was out checking the shore on St John's lsland yesterday evening. The Sargassum seaweeds are back in season! Most part of the shore were covered with the seaweed and it makes walking among the seaweed pretty difficult. We have to be very careful not to step onto the seaweed as we do not know what lies underneath it! Maybe there's a Stingray or a Stonefish?!?! Scary......

Haha.....I can't help but to look carefully at the Sargassum as I was looking for a nudibranch that was found among the seaweed. The last time I have seen the nudibranch, was 5 years ago at St John's Island! And finally, I get to see it again! Can you see it in the picture? It looks like part of the Sargassum!

We saw four of them! Here they are:

These are the Crosslandia nudibranch (Crosslandia sp.). We also called it the Sargassum nudibranch/sea slug. They feed on tiny Hydroids that live on the Sargassum.

A close up on one of them.

Besides the nudibranch, we saw other creatures too!

There were a few of these Pygmy Squids!

As the night falls, Octopus big and small came out to hunt/explore the reef!

Only saw this Flatworm while we were heading back.

Lots of small fishes around!

Found a big Hermit crab in this big Topshell.

Lots of Shrimps/Prawns too!

A Red Egg Crab. One of the most poisonous crab you get to see in Singapore.