Sunday, June 12, 2011

Reef Survey @ Big Sisters Island 2011.....

BWV Reeffriends is back at Big Sisters Island to conduct a reef survey today. The visibility was about 1-2m but there were little currents! As usual, I was doing the Line-intercept Transect (LIT) at the deeper end.

Eight months ago, when we had the reef survey here, the Bubble Tip Anemones were still bleaching. But look like they have made a recovery! But did not see any Tomato Anemonefish.

Saw a small Ringed plate coral partially bleached.

Came across a dislodged Sea Fan! It was quite a big one! Hmmmm.....wondering if it had been dislodged by fishing line? There were quite a few fishermen on the seawall casting their lines when we arrived at the dive site.

Some Corallimorphs.

Tiny Tiny Featherstar/Crinoid.

An assortment of Featherstars/Crinoids on a Soft coral.


A few of these Sap-sucking Sea Slug (likely Thuridilla gracilis) were sighted. Probably in season.

A Blue Dragon nudibranch (Pteraeolidia ianthina)

A Bornella nudibranch (Bornella sp.)

A Black-margined nudibranch (Glossodoris atromarginata).

While doing the 5th transect tape, spotted this nudibranch which I have not seen before! A new sighting for me! From The Sea Slug Forum and reference books, it could be a Porcupine Sakuraeolis nudibranch (Sakuraeolis nungunoides).

Here's a frontal shot. When disturbed, this nudibranch would straightens its cerata as well as britles them and point the red colored tips at the source of the attacker. Just like Porcupines bristle their spines at the attacker. Thus, it was named 'nungunoides' after the Swahili word for the porcupine -nungunungu.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Happy World Oceans Day 2011 !!!.....

Happy World Oceans Day !!!