Monday, June 14, 2010

Return To Beting Bronok.....

this morning, one year after my accident with a Stingray.

So this time round, I walk cautiously and avoid all knee-deep murky water. Well.....except for landing and departing from the shore which I have no choice. :p

The shore also seem to be more silty compared to last year and some corals are bleaching :o(

And what do we see at Beting Bronok this morning? Ahhhh.....well, today is a slugless day for me. :o( No Sea slug sighting for me except their egg ribbons.

But I did see other molluscs like.....

this big Bailer Volute! Two palm size at least!

A tiny tiny Cuttlefish. About 1cm. This has to be the smallest Cuttlefish that I have come across so far.

Another tiny little mollusc is this Bobtail Squid! It is commonly sighted at this shore.

Other commonly sighted creature here are the Spider Crabs.

Saw this strange Hermit Crab again.

Saw a few of these Glass Anemone. They look beautiful.....but bagged painful stings!

Black Sea Urchin are spotted too.

Beting Bronok is one of the shore that you get to see a variety of Sea Stars!

Adult and juvenile Cake Sea Stars!

Lots of Biscuit Sea Stars!

A Scaly Sea Star. So called due to the fish scale-like pattern on its upper surface.

An orange Rock Star/Crown Sea Star!

the Spiny Sea Star.

And of course, Knobbly Sea Star. Some the Knobbly Sea Stars here are tagged by researchers to track their movements. So we make sure that we do not move them away from the spot that they were found.

Another kind of "Star" that was spotted is this Basket Star! First time seeing it on the northern shore for me.

Here's a closer look at it.

Looks like a Moray Eel. It has yellow spots.

Found a pair of Seahorse in a tide pool. Later ML found another pair while we were making our way back to departure point.

In another tide pool was this little baby Bamboo Shark! It still has a yolk-like thingy attached to it guessed it has just came out of its egg-case recently. This is the second time that I see a baby Bamboo Shark at this shore. Last sighting was in 2005!

Look at those eyes! So Cuteeeeeee!

A first sighting for me is this Marbled Sea Snake / Spine-tailed Sea Snake (Aipysurus eydouxii). It was about 15cm long and a body thickness of a normal chicken frank. Looks like a juvenile. Its diet is suggested to be exclusively on fish eggs. And probably due to this kind of diet, it has lost its fangs and the venom glands are almost become purposeless.

See the paddle-like tail?

All too soon, it time to leave the shore. And with a spectacular sunrise, we bid farewell to the shore and glad everyone was unscathed from this trip!


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