Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It Has Been Three Years.....

since I last stepped onto this shore at Tuas!

So glad to see that familiar beacon yet again yesterday. Thanks to the Seagrass monitoring team at Schering Plough for letting us joined in to check out this shore just next to their premises.

Sigh.....but a sad sight greeted us when we made our way across the water to the beacon side. Yes, there are bleaching in most of the soft corals!

However, some are still doing pretty okay.....

Tuas is one of the shore that one can get to see lots of Sea Fans and Sea Whips!

On the rocks came across some crabs.....

A Hairy Crab with a Barnacle on it!

A well-camouflaged crab.

As the tide turned, we quickly made our way back to the mainland side.

This area was littered with many pinkish Thorny Sea Cucumbers!

Here's one Fan Shell with lots of them on it!

There was also the purplish Sea Cucumber.

ML found a stranded Ghost Shrimp.

Found this little Sponge Crab.

A Bohol nudibranch (Discodoris boholiensis).

Lastly, a Sea Pen with a tiny Porcelain Crab!


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