Monday, July 21, 2008

Reef Survey @ Sisters Islands.....

ReefFriends conducted another reef survey last Saturday. This time it was at Sisters Island. We missed out this survey site last year due to very poor vis. This is also my first dive at Sisters! Same as previous surveys this year, we have a small team (4 volunteers + 1 OJT) again and so only one site was surveyed (We need more volunteers!).

The vis was poor at the deep transect. About 1m, but still manageable. Currents were crazy sometimes. Yan and I were assigned to lay the tapes and do the LIT. I managed to finish T5 and 4m of T3 before I was running low on air. After surface interval, we proceed to do the Fish and Invertebrate surveys before wrapping up the remaining LIT.

So here’s some of the pics taken during LIT and fish survey.

Hard Corals! Some I know and some I do not know of their IDs.

Nudibranch! Lots of The Blue Dragon(Pteraeolidia ianthina) and Phyllidia.

There's also one Gymonodoris and Glossodoris nudibranch.

Flatworms! A few of them.

Haha.....luckily I was not doing the invertebrate survey this time round or I will be seeing stars in my dream again. Look at the number of Featherstars on this Sea Fan!

of course there's loner too lah

Saw the Tiger Anemone(Nemanthus sp.) on a Gorgonian again.

Fishy! Only managed to get this Filefish as it was not shy. Ya…not shy but an angry one which attacked my housing. Probably I got too close to it fault.

Talking about fishy, Jeff spotted a Humphead Bannerfish(Heniochus varias) which could be a first known live record on our reefs! Wow!!! For the pics of this fish and other encounters of the shallow transect, go to Jeff's post at the BWV Blog.


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