Friday, April 25, 2008

Another Year Of Waiting Then.....

Went out with The Hantu Bloggers to Pulau Hantu for their Earth Day Dive trip yesterday night. Yes, NIGHT, it is not a typo. Well.....why Night? Cos this trip was specially arranged to also check out coral spawning at our reef that was predicted to happen this week. And also the corals spawn at NIGHT lah!

It's a work trip and thus, we need to take pics of the coral that spawn and record the species, depth and time. So each buddy team was assigned to a transect line and we have to swim along the tape and check out for signs of spawning.

So we look at each coral every carefully.....

from this one,

to this one,

and this one

and many others! But alas, there's still no sign of setting corals by the predicted time and thus, no coral spawning yesterday night! Perhaps we have came in the early part of the week??? (But of course, hopefully they spawn for the rest of the week lah)

So it will be another year of waiting to see the spawning for me then!

Since the corals did not spawn, I swam about looking at other creatures of the nights.

There were lots of Flatworm.....

this Brown blackish one,

to this one with a green yellowish margin

and colourful ones too

Haha.....I guessed this crab was not happy with me disturbing it from having its dinner. See the grouchy look? :oP

There's also a small nudibranch (Gymnodoris sp)

and an Octopus hiding underneath a crevice. Can you see it?

Towards the end of the dive, I spotted a very pregnant Ocellate Pipefish among the zoanthids.

Ohh! And luckily I started off at the wrong transect tape (I missed my designated tape and went over to Debby's), for I get to meet Betsy, the Hawksbill Turtle, for only the second time in all my dives at Hantu! But.....she swam away before I could grab a pic. Later, Jeff managed to see her again and he got a very good frontal shot of her. And HB saw a Seahorse too!

Will be back on Sunday for the day dives, just can't wait to get into our water again!


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