Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday @ Pulau Semakau.....

Today I joined a group of students from Duke University led by Dr Dan and my fellow Semakau guides to explore the intertidal at Pulau Semakau.

After reaching the intertidal, the first thing that caught our attention was a driftnet. Driftnet is very destructive to marine life and here we have a crab entangled in the net.

After setting a few crabs free, we made our way to the reef flat. And here's some of the creatures that we saw;

This is a Star Anemone. This animal is very shy and usually disappears into the sand when it detected shadow or movement.

We came across two of this Sea Cucumber. Checked up "A Guide To Sea Stars And Other Echinoderms of Singapore", this could be a new species under genus Actinopyga. I love its colour!

And here's a clip showing how this Sea Cucumber feeds;

It uses its feeding tentacles to mop up the detritus that is in the sand. I bet it's tentacles-licking-good! Yum Yum!

Found this Tigertail Seahorse among the Tape Seagrass.

After taking pics of the Seahorse, I moved on to catch up with the rests. Just then, I heard one of Dr Dan's student says "Wow, I just saw a fish being eaten by another fish! I think is a Stonefish!"

And I was like "Wow, a Stonefish! I have never seen a Stonefish at Semakau and the student saw it feeding?!?! Wow, isn't it cool?" So I hurried over to her spot and I saw something swimming's not the venomous Stonefish but.....this;

It's a Frogfish! And its bulging stomach shows that it could have eaten quite a big fish.

I like the Frogfish because they are Oh-So-Cuteeeee! Especially its paw-like fins! CUTEEEE!

Here's a clip of the Frogfish;

ST found a really really tiny about the size of half a rice grain orangy-red snail. I have only seen them during diving. No idea of its ID though.

Saw the usual nudibranch too.

The Many-Lined Chromodoris(Chromodoris lineolata) and Black-Margined Glossodoris(Glossodoris atromarginata).

Also, other creatures like the Upside-down Jellyfish, a juvenile Knobbly Seastar and a Flatworm;

It was a Great trip and what's better than to end it with a beautiful Sunset at Semakau.


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