Friday, January 19, 2007

My Chek Jawa Is Unwell!!!.....

I was about to sleep when I received a SMS from Adelle saying that she had posted a blog entry on the Ubin Volunteers Blog.

Earlier on, I had received news from Alyce that there were lots of DEAD Ball Sea Cucumbers and Carpet Anemones at Chek Jawa today. But I did not expect it to be this WORST!

As a guide at Chek Jawa, the photos are like scene of NIGHTMARES!!! 我的心裡冷了一截。Like Adelle, I wonder if I could sleep too. It's just too painful to see my beloved Chek Jawa in this state.

UPDATE 21/01/07 : Came face to face with the deaths at Chek Jawa today. It's a painful sight. The smell of death linger in the air. The Southern Sandbar used to litter with Carpet Anemnones, which for now, none exist. I have never seen such barren site during my past 3 years there. It's always rare to encounter a Sandfish. Today I saw a lot but unfortunately, dead ones. Other casualties include Ball Sea Cucumbers, Common Sea Stars, Noble Volutes, Knobbly Sea, Sea Sponges etc. The list just goes on. Basically, most of the marine creatures are affected by the increases in fresh water with some bearly hanging for dear life.

Now I can only hope that there won't be anymore big downpour and that Chek Jawa will recover back as soon as possible to it beautiful days again.

Monday, January 15, 2007




至少,現在知道了。已後要輸入《海蛞蝓》(Sea Slugs) 就沒問題了。

哦!可是這麼一來,《海蛞蝓》不就從 tianyu (Sweet Fish) 變成了 kuoyu (Wide Fish)!!!:OP

Sunday, January 14, 2007




喜鹽草(Halophila ovalis)
貝克喜鹽草 (Halophila beccarii)
海菖蒲 (Enhalus acoroides)
海神草 (Cymodocea rotundata)
二藥藻 (Halodule uninervis)
泰來藻 (Thalassia hemperichii)
針葉藻 (Syringodium isoetifolium)


Thursday, January 11, 2007

No Bubble To Blow This Month.....

Arrghhhh.....just received a SMS from the Dive center that they have cancelled the dive trip to Pulau Hantu this Sunday cos they don't have enough people. :O(

So that's it, no bubble to blow as this is the only Sunday in this month that I am free to dive (can't make it for The Hantu Blogger's dive on 21st due to field trip to Pulau Sekudu and the week after, Spring cleaning).