Monday, June 12, 2006

My 50th Dive Has To Wait.....

Went diving at Pulau Hantu with The Hantu Blogger again yesterday. It was raining when I left the house. But the sky cleared when we reached the dive site. Debby was my dive guide for this trip and we were the last group to go down. The vis was like 1m at the depth of 9m. So we were at around 6m depth most of the times where the vis was slightly better. It was said that the vis is usually bad at Hantu during the period from June to August.

This time round I decided to try with only 4 weights which turned out to be a bad decision as I kept floating up. No pics this time as camera still under service. Brought along the housing and decided only to test whether it is leaking in 2nd dive.

Anyway, since I was focusing in controlling my buoyancy due to underweighted, only managed to see these :

- Ocellate Pipefish
- Nudibranch : hypselodoris emma (spotted by my buddy, Kang Ngee)
- Nudibranch : Blue Dragon
- Flatworm : Blue edge and White body with a Blue line in the center (spotted by my buddy)
- Angelfishes / Damselfishes
- Filefish (spotted by Debby)
- Gobies
- Crab

When we reached the shallower part, I basically floated up. Tried to descend again but no matter how hard I fin myself, I remained on the surface. Thus, decided to end my first dive.

After surface interval, just as we were about to have our second dive of the day (That would be my 50th), the water started to get choppy, gust of wind blowing and then thunderstorm. We decided to abort our second dive after waiting for another half and hour as the weather did not get any better. 50th dive will have to wait then and so is my housing's test dive.


Anonymous Anonymous said... that's the hypselodoris emma you are talking about. I got a shot at it before too during the hantubloggers anniversary dive.
the flatworm is pseudoceros if i din spell wrongly.

June 12, 2006 10:56 PM  

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