Monday, June 26, 2006

Despite The R.A.I.N.....

Even though the weather was wet over the weekends. We still have good trips at our shores. It was the Northern shores this time round.

On Saturday, we visited Pulau Sekudu. This little islet just off South-eastern side of Pulau Ubin always offer us surprises each time we were there. We have a first sighting of a nudibranch, cerberilla asamusiensis. Besides this species, there were also platydoris sp, jorunna funebris and gymnodoris sp. There were also lots of sap sucking slugs among the bryopsis seaweeds. So it was quite a satisfying trip for a slugs-crazy person. :O)

Next day, it was Beting Bronok (off Pulau Tekong). This little patch of reef will only be exposed during super low tide and thus, chances of visiting it are limited. Found an Arrow-head crab, Blue Dragon nudibranch, a orange smooth Sea Cucumber and a pink cowrie. There were also lots of flatworms and other nudibranchs. Saw a shark's egg case again.(Mmmm.....wonder if we will see a baby shark again if we have the chance to visit the reef in two weeks time).

One thing strange though on both visit.....we hardly get a sight of any fish. What had happened? Could it due to the R.A.I.N?

Anyway, to see what other things we had encountered, visit the following links to the Wildfilms Blog:

- Pulau Sekudu
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