Thursday, April 13, 2006

Have You Have Any Ah-dea?.....

Attended a public presentation on the issue of the Big Aquarium by Nature Society of Singapore (NSS) last night. They have invited the relevant parties (SUF & SEC) that initial Project NOAH to come for a chat session to explain their plan and answer questions raised by concerned individuals/groups.

And it turned out that there are more doubts than answers after the session. Lots of questions were left unanswered. Examples?

1) When asked about the plan of "building" a reef inside the lagoon, they said that the they did not mentioned about building one and that the press had provided wrong infomation about this. Basically, NO Idea (or NO AH-DEA) how press got this idea.

2) When asked about how and what methods are they going to use to carry out the census, they answered with SILENTS. Basically, NO AH-DEA.

What really knocked me off the chair was that they really have NO AH-DEA who are the REAL peoples behind conservation drives. They ACTUALLY mistook a fellow public as one of the most prominent conservationist in Singapore!

They said they wanted to create a CLEAR water habitat. But from the conversations session, I wondered how this could be possible when their answers are not CLEAN & CLEAR. Basically, NO AH-DEA.

To know more on how NO AH-DEA they were, you might want to check out these sites:

A) Wildsingapore
B) BWV's Reefnews
C) The Hantu Blogger's Details of Inconsistencies

Qns : Have you have any ah-dea?
Ans : No ah-dea, No ah-dea.


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