Monday, March 06, 2006

Big Sisters Island And The Last Boat Trip.....

Early Sunday morning, we gathered at Clifford Pier for our trip to Big Sisters Island.

As the boat moved slowly out of Clifford Pier, I took a look at the morning cityscape scene for the last time. This will be our last boat trip taken from Clifford Pier. In future, we will start some of our Southern shores boat trips from the new marina located at Marina South.

The sky gradually turns its colour as the sun rises. Such brilliant colour to start a day!

Once we were on Big Sisters Island, the first thing to do was to check for sign of monkeys. We saw coconut husks thrown all over at the jetty area and for sure they are on the island. Thus, to avoid our breakfast being eaten up, we have the cooler box put on the sandy area near the shore of the lagoon. We also tied all our belongings to the bench where we could keep a lookout.

After all things have been secured, we made our way to the lagoon and looked out for things to shoot. Things were pretty quiet at first until I saw a flatworm (white body with blue edge and line in the middle). Then slowly, they were all over the place. We saw more than five of them that day.

As the day gets hotter, creatures went hiding. But we still got some nudibranchs like armina sp(see pic), jorunna funebris and phyllidiella nigra. And there was this pretty flatworm too.

As the tide rises, we made our way back to the bench. All things remained intact. Somehow the monkeys were busy with some other things that day. :O)


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