Saturday, February 04, 2006

Wonderful Diving At Pulau Hantu!.....

Today dive at Pulau Hantu was good. Saw a lot of creatures. :O)

Nudibranchs galore! Shown here are the blue dragon nudibranch, phyllidia nudibranchs (the white one was huge! It was about 8cm long and 3cm wide) and a pair of yellow coloured nudibranchs (about 1.5cm with blue rhinophores and gills). Also saw the Polka-dot nudibranch (jorunna funebris) but it was too small for my camera.

Flatworms : Saw two kinds but only managed to get this.

Crinoids : There were two today. The first one was hiding under a rock with two blue dragon nudibranchs nearby. The white one was quite small.

Icon Sea Star.

Caught a sight of a Shark’s tale (Opps! I mean tail) but never get to see the whole shark for it was hiding underneath a rock. Could it be a nurse shark???

Just as we were about to end the dive at noon, we happened to bump into someone who was already munching away its lunch. It’s a Hawksbill (correct me if I am wrong) and according to some of the divers, it could be the resident turtle. Despite surrounded by divers, it gave a Bo-chap attitude and continues munching.


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