Monday, December 26, 2005

Beautiful Sunset At Pulau Ubin.....

Went trekking at Pulau Ubin on Christmas Day. What a beautiful sunset to end the trip. :O)

In Remembrance.....

Let us take a moment to remember the victims of the December 26 Tsunami that hit last year.

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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Merry Christmas!!!.....

Wishing You
A Merry Merry Christmas
A Happy New Year

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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Return To Pulau Salu.....

Went diving at Pulau Salu this morning. It was a wonderful dive even though the vis was only about 2m and I lost my buddy, Alvin, twice. Lots of huge hard and soft corals, fishes and sea urchins. :o)

Flatworm – Saw two kinds today. Here’s one and the other was blue edge with a blue line in the center.

Tomato Anemone fish with Bulb-Tentacle Anemone – They are everywhere with each turn I took. Some even seen to have more than one ‘home’.

Corals – Hard & Soft. They are very very huge!

Unidentified Object – Saw this pile of 'dirt' on some hard corals. Anyone has any idea what this is?

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Kissed By.....

Damn! I have been kissed by Hydroids.

There are now two very itchy bumps near to the right side of my lower lip. :O/

Wonder how long I have to endure before the itch subside?

Monday, December 19, 2005

Eventful Days.....

Went to guide at Chek Jawa and Semakau on Friday and Saturday & dived Pulau Hantu on Sunday. What an eventful weekend!

Eventful indeed it was!

Have a family of 14 including grandparents on Chek Jawa. The kids and the parents were okay but it was nightmares from the grandpa.

For the first time, I felt like stopping half way through the walk on Chek Jawa.


Because my heart was broken when I saw ‘Ah Gong’ using drinking straw to poke a carpet anemone and worst still, stepping on them. This despite ample times telling him not to do destructive things to the marine lives. And yes, Ah Gong, when I told you that they are alive, they are really ALIVE! NO need to use your methods to test! Urghhhhh!

I wanted to stop the walk for I feared that he would continue to do harms to other creatures. Therefore, I told the rest of his family members that if this continues, I would have to cut short the walk and bring them back to the van. (Wonder if I have done the right thing? Maybe I will asked other guides for their opinions)

As for Semakau, we spent quite sometimes on the shore for the tide was still too high for us to make it across the seagrass lagoon to the reefs. I managed to find a nudibranch (Bornella stellifer) on the shore. The last time I saw it was on Kusu and Pulau Hantu.

When the tide was low enough, I led my group across the seagrass lagoon (I have a participant who just refused to cross the seagrass lagoon. When asked why, his response was that he was wearing a white pant and did not want to get dirty). Just when everyone in my group landed on the sand flat across, I saw flashes across the sky. And upon hearing the thunder, we made a u-turn back across the lagoon.

But the big storm did not come. So we have some times on the reefs but short one, as the sky was getting dark.

Went diving at Pulau Hantu the next day. Buddy with Kah Chine who was doing her first local water dive.

For the first dive, we went down at the wrong spot and descended to about 9m where it was dark and the vis was almost zero. Since we were unable to see anything, we decided to surface and head nearer to the shore. But somehow there was a current that kept carried us back to the same spot. So for the first dive, most of our times were spent ascending and descending to check our position. :o(

But I have an enjoyable second dive. This time, we got the right descend spot. Manage to see some sunflower mushroom corals with all their tentacles coming out. Tried my hand on underwater photography and took a shot of the tentacles (Turns out that this is the only photo that is not out of focus). :oP Saw a small flatworm too but of course the picture is blur (Later, I realized that I have forgot to switch to macro mode for this tiny little guy) Urghhhhh!

Still a long long way to take good pictures of the underwater world I guess!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Where Now?.....

Woke up this morning and saw a piece of not-so-good news.

Benfica 2 : Manchester United 1

Arghhhh.....ManU LOST and OUT of Champions League!

Some more not even a consolation chance to play in the UEFA Cup.

How ironic it has to be to have the light switched off on them in the Stadium of Light.

So Ferguson, where now? What had happened to the team who used to have all the fire and hunger to win the game? Really agreed with Keano that some players should not be in the team.

Guess they just have to pick themselves up again and concentrate on EPL. Expect to see changes in the coming weeks. And won’t be surprised either if there is a new manager.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Pulled Out.....

Just pulled out from a diving trip to Pulau Hantu for this coming Saturday.

Somehow I just don't have the mood to do it. Perhaps I will go down to Ubin to take pictures. Hopefully, things will get better.

Emotional Turbulance.....

Lately, have been going through some emotional turbulances.

Happy, Sad, Intimidation & Anger.

Is this pre-sign of depression? I don't know. :O/

"I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. " ~ Maya A.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Why? Why? :O( .....

I am feeling so soooo..... sad. :'O(

What have I done to deserve this kind of treatment? Looks like there are some kind of double standards thingy going on.

No,wait! I don't feel upset. Just INSULTED!

:O( :O( :O( :O( :O( :O( :O( :O( :O( :O( :O( :O( :O(


Looking forward to the weekends with Guiding, Wildfilms and Diving!