Friday, April 03, 2009

The Okenia Nudibranch With 3 Gills Is.....

The ID for the Okenia nudibranch with 3 gills has been answered. It is a juvenile Purple Okenia (Okenia purpurata) according to Dr Bill of The Sea Slug Forum.

See his reply HERE. Apparently, the number of gills will increase as the nudibranch grows in size till maturity.

Also from Ivan's photo, he was interested to know the mass that the above nudibranch was on. If the silt-covered mass turn out to be the Okenia's bryozoan food, Amathia tortuosa, then it would be the first record of this bryozoan outside Australia. this mean a new record of this bryozoan for Singapore?

Let's hope Ivan had a clearer picture of that mass. :o)


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