Thursday, February 12, 2009

A New Species Of Bornella Nudibranch?.....

Have seen the Starry Bornella nudibranch often in our water be it underwater or intertidals.

All along, thought that the two nudibranch in the above pictures are variations of the same species, Bornella stellifer.

Recently, Dr Bill Rudman of the Sea Slug Forum has done a revision on the Bornella species with a revised species that looks like the one in the lower pic. Thus, I sent in some pics asking for his comments.

Dr Bill commented that the one in the upper pic could be a colour variation of Bornella stellifer. See his message here.

I have also sent him an additional pic of another Bornella nudibranch that we spotted at Beting Bronok with red rhinophores and gills.

Dr Bill commented that the nudibranch (both in lower pic and from Beting Bronok) looks similar to the revised Bornella hermanni but yet somehow different in certain aspects.

So he has put them as Bornella sp. 2 and see his comments here and here.

Wow! This is so exciting! But of course, the exact ID can only be determined by further examines the internal anatomy of the nudibranch.


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