Thursday, July 28, 2005

Sense & Sensibility.....

It happened on one of the field trip one day. As I was walking away from the sea grass area towards the jetty, I noticed that there was something hanging from the jetty.

It turned out to be pot where people use it to catch crabs. Now, first thing that came to my mind was “What’s a pot doing here at a Reserve? Don’t they know NO poaching here?” So I acted before I could think of the proper procedures that I should take, I cut off the sting that attached to it, disassembled and throw it away.

After that, as I was making my way back, a crewmember told me that the person that laid the pot may have seen me doing the disassemling. I was also told that I was technically wrong to do it and what I should have done is to report it to the Nparks officers and let them take the actions.

Felt a bit upset. As what I was doing, is merely what my heart told me. That if the pot was to be left alone, crabs will be trapped and killed. Furthermore, I did not see anyone above the jetty and I did not even see anyone putting the line. So I thought it was just a piece of rubbish left by some poachers.

Anyway, I stands by my actions. If you think it is wrong, STOP me at that point of time and not after. I was acting what my heart told me since my brain was not working at that point of time after days of lacking sleeps.


Blogger CH / SONNENBLUME said...

On the issue of whether it is right/wrong to remove the pot by ourself before informing Nparks, I wrote a letter to Nparks and this is what they said :

[Dear Ms XXX

Thanks very much for your initiative in removing the pot. If you encounter
a similar situation again in future, it would be fine for you to do as you
did on this ocassion. If you wish, you could then inform NParks through our
hotline number 1800-471 7300.

Hope this answers your questions.

XXXXX § XXXXX § National Parks Board § Tel: +65 xxxxxxxx § Fax:
+65 xxxxxxx

August 02, 2005 9:57 PM  

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