Friday, June 18, 2010

Wet Day At Cyrene Reef.....

Was out at Cyrene Reef on Wednesday for Giant Clam hunt. Together with us was team from Nparks and URA.

Dark clouds were above us when we landed. So we hurried to go about searching for the Giant Clam that Ria had seen at this reef before.

Among the seagrass, we chanced upon a juvenile Cushion Star.

Alas, like the rest of the reefs that we have visited so far, most corals at Cyrene are bleaching too!

And some soft corals seen to be rotting too!

Bleaching hard corals!

But some are still doing okay so far!

Some Frilly Anemones were bleaching too!

As we made our way towards the reef edge, we noticed a big depression (size of at least half a tennis court) on one side of the reef and a small channel formed all the way out to the reef edge!

Don't remember seeing this formation with our previous trips here.....looks like something has grounded on the reef and dredged a channel when it tried to move away!

We can see rubbles being turned and at the side of the channel, exposed roots and rhizome of seagrass!

This Tube Anemone was found just at the edge of the dug up channel.

Just then, a staff from Nparks notified us that they have spotted a Giant Clam!

Yes! That's the Giant Clam that Ria had seen before!

We went about searching for more after this but no luck of finding another one. Rain then started to pour so had to end the search. But before that, we came across some other creatures;


Polka-dot Nudibranch (Jorunna funebris) and Pimply Phyllid Nudibranch (Phyllidiella pustulosa).

Of course, you will see a Knobbly Sea Star at Cyrene!

Lastly, found the similar looking Sea Star that was spotted at Pulau Jong last month. It has 7 arms and about 1cm big.


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