Sunday, June 20, 2010

Aftemath Of The Oil Spill - Tanah Merah (2).....

Last Friday, I was back at Tanah Merah shore three weeks after the oil spill. This shore is next to the shore that I have checked up the day after the spill.

When we reached the shore, we can smell a faint of oil in the air but not as pungent as what I had encountered on the other shore three weeks ago.

The high shore is full of litter again even though some volunteers had done a clean up here two weeks ago.

We still see some crude oil on the sand and oil sheen with a layer of brown scum on the water surface at some part of the shore.

Fortunately, we did not see many dead marine creatures on the shore.

A dead Heart Urchin.

There are a few bleached corals on this part of the shore and some outside the seawall.

A slightly pale looking Filly Anemone.

Other than that, most of the creatures seen lively!

Dubious Nerite Snails can be seen among the Seagrass.

Glad to see a live Dolphin Shell Snail on the rock!

Three weeks ago, I did not see a single live Moon Crab on the other happy to see some of them still survive after the spill here!

Most of the Fanworms have fully open feeding tentacles except one or two that still trying hard to stretch open.

Fishes are more lively too! But this one seen to have an injured eye.

A baby Flathead I think.

A Peacock Sole camouflaged itself against the sand.

Horror find of the day! Can you see anything in this photo?

It's a STONEFISH!!! Yuck! This one was semi-buried in the sand! This shore and the other side are full of Stonefish! We get to see one on most of the Tanah Merah trips!

A happy find would be this pair of baby Seahorses among the Sargassum seaweed!

Although the shore for now seem okay.....but we do not know of the long term effect the oil spill had on these creatures. Hopefully there are none.....

We can only hope that after a storm.....

life here will return to be as colourful as the rainbow seen here!


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